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Essay for Secondary School Students

Topic: The Role of Cybersecurity in a Digital Age

National Cybersecurity Essay Competition

As we celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) in October, we are dedicated to fostering awareness, knowledge, and critical thinking among the younger generation in Nigeria. The online essay competition is a pivotal part of our efforts. The competition will bring together secondary school students from across Nigeria, who will submit their essays online.

Key Objectives

The primary objective of this competition is to engage secondary school students from across Nigeria in critical thinking and reflection on cybersecurity and digital safety issues. By inviting them to express their thoughts through essays, we aim to:

  1. Foster Awareness: Raise awareness about the significance of cybersecurity in the digital age.
  2. Empower Knowledge: Equip students with essential knowledge and skills to protect themselves online.
  3. Encourage Creativity: Promote creative thinking and innovative solutions for cybersecurity challenges.
  4. Recognize Talent: Recognize and reward exceptional young writers and thinkers.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

How to Apply

  • Applicants must upload a handwritten essay (not more than 750 words) on the portal

Prize / Award

1st Position


2st Position


3rd Position


Selection Procedure

Entries received for the competition will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges made up of industry leaders and cybersecurity lecturers from reputable Nigerian Universities. Their wealth of knowledge and experience will ensure a fair and rigorous evaluation process.

Evaluation Criteria

Essays will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Content: Clarity of thought, relevance to the topic, and depth of analysis.

Originality: Creativity in presenting ideas and unique perspectives.

Presentation: Organization, structure, grammar, and writing style.

Relevance: Alignment with the theme and practicality of proposed solutions.


Competition Launch: 2nd October, 2023.

Essay Submission Deadline: 18th October, 2023.

Judging Period: 18th to 23rd October 2023.

Announcement of Winners: 24th October, 2023.